October 26th, 2000


homework, party.

Today I did shitloads of homework. I feel accomplished.

Erik wanted me to post this party announcement. You should come ... it's going to rock. (yes, you!)

I'm going to bed now, hopefully sleeping for 9 hours (even more than my 8 hours last night....). Today felt good. I think sleep makes one happy. (duh)

I'm out.


short term goals: study for tomorrow's linguistics midterm.
mid term goals: make livejournal faster. learn more programming languages. keep room clean <=> organize life.
long term goals: learn a foreign language well. become more proficient with english.

grocery shopping

They say you shouldn't go shopping when you're hungry. Shiiiiit. If I didn't go shopping when I was hungry I'd never shop. Scott and I went to Safeway and I got a ton of stuff. I can eat again! (I haven't been eating much lately, due to lack of available food....)

FreeVote in the news

Check out this news article. Watch the video clip. Not too pleasant. Canada doesn't really like the site, it seems. I suppose it's understandable.... the site no longer has a tech support staff because they all quit. *sigh* I hate running websites.... too much upkeep. You can't just make it once and have it work forever like software... and people are always abusing it. So sad.

Who wants a job working at FreeVote making it a better place? The pay is $15/hour.


Sarah stopped by... wasn't expecting that... talked about some interesting stuff. Nice break from studying.

Erik and Eli are at the airport now, picking up Starla. She's going to be here this Friday and this weekend. Can't wait to harass her.