October 29th, 2000


stupid party

what a stupid, messed up party. if ever there was a party to never emulate, this party would be it. i'm absolutely exhausted... going to bed. the party is dying out upstairs. it was dead to begin with. everybody seems to think erik is the one to blame for all things wrong with and at this party, which is mostly true, but i just think it's all funny... i'm so tired. i need to sleep. goodnight.

tomorrow i build my new computer. maybe i'll have a dream tonight and think up a good name for it.

the next day

woke up this morning at 8:30 because a bunch of guys that slept over after the party were up being loud (whenever we have guests they sleep on the couch outside my room... great).

the house is trashed... we're slowly cleaning it up. eli and erik went to askjeeves.com and asked, "How do I clean vomit off the carpet?" Ask Jeeves gave a very detailed answer. (actually... Eli first asked, "Some bitch puked all over the carpet, how do I clean that shit up?", to which Jeeves had no useful response.)

i've been working on building my new computer this afternoon and swapping parts between my other two computers ... the harddrive just finished formatting. i need a network cable.

new computer!!!

my new computer is oh-so-goddamn fast.... i frickin' love it... oh man. so nice.

i copied over all my data (i hope) and am installing linux on my old windows computer now. i then get to take apart my existing linux box and put in the 60 gb hard-drive...

blythe is rubbing my back now... so nice. love backrubs.