November 3rd, 2000


current mood: pissed off at everything.

physics midterm: flunked it. i've never done so horribly on a midterm. i studied last night and this morning starting at 6:30, but everything i took notes for and studied wasn't on the test... everything that was on the test I had no clue how to do. left a bunch blank. guessed on a bunch. maybe got one answer right. scott was pissed because he did so poor on his db midterm... well, i win for fucking it up on midterms with this one. goddamn .... too many classes. i don't care about any of them when I get this spread out.

so many things are pissing me off: where my phone? lost it again. probably in my car somewhere. oh, my car--- fucking scratch, dirty as hell (from parking under the tree that drops apples and drips sap), smells like mildew and coffee inside from spilling coffee last week... needs to be washed inside and out. livejournal -- so slow, bitch to work on because it's so slow. no time to work on it because of school. my room's a mess ... bed's unmade from blythe puking all over it still. i don't even want to make it again because the sheets never fit anyway. the mattress is extra large or something, so my hand-me-down standard-sized sheets don't work. i need new bedding. fuck that... don't feel like spending money. spent money on my computer parts and i fucked that up too: while investigating what part was making the high pitch whistling noises that drove me insane so much I found it was my 15gb harddrive, which sucks because there's really no way to "fix" it... i wish it was the processor fan or something cheap. but then, i spun around on my plastic rolley computer mat to grab that damn thing to see if that'd shut it up (by applying pressur), I grabbed without thinking the bottom of my 60gb harddrive and shocked the hell out of it... now it makes weird thunking noises and locks up the operating system when I try to use it. oh, and guess where I backed up my entire linux harddrive when I reformatted it the other day? yup. so now a shitload of my data is potentially gone. i said fuck it and ignored the problem yesterday to study for physics, but we know how fucking well that went. GRRRrrrrrrrrrrr.

nothing's good.


Whoa! Somebody submitted the whole Canada controvery to Slashdot. Check out the discussion here.

I guess I'll finally get to see if,, and all hold up to the slashdot effect.

fie on harddrives, fie!

so here's the deal with my harddrives:

15 gig western digital: makes high pitch whistling/buzzing noises and sometimes "disappears", causing my computer to reboot. when it reboots, the drive is gone (no longer primary on IDE1) and my computer tries to boot from the network card (dhcp). i'd say this drive is bad.

60 gig maxtor: this is the drive I thought was screwed, but it seems to be doing fine now, even after I shocked the hell out of it on accident. (note to self: get anti-static wrist straps).

In any case, my 15 gig drive is going to have to be sent back to Western Digital to be repaired, but it'll take forever to get back (as usual) and in the meantime I'll have to get a new harddrive I suppose.

Suggestions? I want quality, not size or speed. IBM? Those are good, right?