November 5th, 2000


compiler time again

awake, showered, woke up scott (he was kinda already up), put some tater tots and mini-pizza in the oven, and now scott and i are gonna work on our compiler project some more. food in 20 minutes. starving.

much goodness

-- scott and i finished our compiler project.
-- blythe, chuck, and I are going to a Pearl Jam concert tonight (!)
-- i have 3.5 hours of free time from now until the concert.

what to do? think i'll clean my room, do some dishes, work on LJ, clean up my mail, do some homework in advance .... ah, so relaxing.

Pearl Jam!

went to the lab and did some java/jdbc/database homework earlier with scott. that was fun... i love java.

now Chuck, Blythe, Kenji and I are off to the Pearl Jam concert downtown. hell yes.