November 9th, 2000


My night

-- did physics homework most the afternoon & night. I love R ... it was especially great in my statistics class, but I find it pretty useful for physics stuff too.
-- did trash & recycling with Anil. it's amazing how much trash the 11 people in this house produce.
-- been working on LiveJournal stuff. a particular livejournal user that I won't name is frustrating me.

Portland time.

Think it's about time to go to Portland. PC Heiden's told me there's a 50/50 chance they'll get to replacing my high-pitch-squeeling hard drive tomorrow. Great. And their RMA department is closed Sat. and Sun., so hopefully it gets done Friday.

Now I need to pack clothes, my computer, and some random things I forgot to bring home last time. I don't think I have any non-application data on my windows computer (access it all over samba) so I don't have to worry about backing anything up, but it's going to be annoying to have to rebuild the system again tomorrow.