November 10th, 2000


bed time

tomorrow i'm going to the computer store to get my defective harddrive replaced, buying eli a new harddrive, buying a power cable, and ummm... then doing nothing for 3 days. it's gonna rock!


--- took my car into the body shop. $720 to repaint the side of it where it was keyed. i pay have a $500 comprehensive deductible. great.

--- played a bunch of Doom with my little brother. he still has all my old *.wad files laying around ... i made some damn good levels. he also had my old "Doom Launcher" GUI front-end to start doom/doom2/heretic with all the command line options to do single player, network, modem, cooperative/deathmatch, etc... pretty funny. the email address in the about box is my old AOL one. i forgot I had AOL for awhile. heheh.

--- erik sent me this funny picture

--- think i'm going to work on livejournal some now. i want to bring back the search engine and directory stuff, and later the "comments posted/received" stuff.

so happy

-- got some good sleep last night. love being back home ... house is so big and so clean compared to our dump. good water pressure in shower, big shower, nice big water bed....

-- got my new harddrive ... nice and quiet. reinstalling everything now.

-- livejournal's still running oh-so-fast

-- going out to dinner with family now.

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so comfy.

back from eating at Chevy's (mexican food).

got my computer all setup and running. it's weird having a fast computer at home ... usually i have to use one of my family's dozen slow computers. i'm using my old, old NEC MultiSync 15" monitor ... brings back the memories.

i'm so comfy right now... i put a big fat leather recliner chair in front of the computer, and am sitting here with the keyboard in my lap.

i have two goals for the night: cleaning my inbox (partially done), and working on livejournal.

tomorrow I'm going to go see Bedazzled with my family.

damn you all !! heheh.

I make livejournal fast, hoping people will update more so I have more crap to read and distract me, but noooooo..... everybody's still boring and rarely updating. how sad. see if I do anything for you anymore, huh? ;-)

i ramble and go nowhere.

getting distracted --- started working on a dozen different things. making progress on them all, but slowly for each. i then downloaded AIM and ICQ and got really distracted... I hate AIM and ICQ for Windows. Windows users: you don't know what you're missing until you've used ICQ and AIM on Linux. They're so much easier to use... no clutter, no bullshit, they don't take 5 mb of memory each. There are no stupid banner ads or stock tickers or e-commerce tie-ins.... stupid stupid Windows. The OS is fine (NT and 2k anyway), but the software for Windows is just terrible. The UI on ICQ 2000b is the worst piece of shit I've ever seen. GnomeICU is so much better... so clean, so simple.

in other news, i ran out of salsa chips without salsa, but i'm not sad. salsa chips without salsa suck. and i finished my iced tea. for that, i am sad... i must go upstairs and get more. but this chair is so comfy.

in yet more news, i used vi for the first time today for something real.... i edited my crontab with it. emacs is cool, but i need to stop using it and learn vi well ... vi is so small and fast. emacs = too damn slow.

okay, i closed AIM ... back to work.

suck with size. can suck my left nut. their network has sucked the past week ... 40% packet loss for a few hours each day ... sometimes 100% packet loss.

i can't wait until I leave them for good. they started out so wonderfully ... that's something i'd like to avoid with livejournal if I can ... the one truth to everything i've found in life: as things get big, they suck. hrm ... how to get around that?