November 12th, 2000


Awake and awake!

There are two types of awake ... 1) being not asleep, and 2) having energy. I am now both awake and awake. It feels so weird.

I'm not sure why ... I went to bed at 4:30am after reading 180 pages of Michael Crichton's Timeline and only got 7 hours of sleep. That's a damn good book... I look forward to finishing it. Quantum technology is fascinating. Crichton's attention to detail and facts is wonderful, as always.

I'm going to head back up to Seattle about 1:00pm.


Everything's in my car. Taking off to Seattle shortly... parents are on the phone so I guess I should wait for them to get off so I can say bye.

Afternoon in review.

Left home ... went to Megan's parents house and picked up tons of old hardware from her dad ... thanks, Paul! I now have a scanner, a web cam, and compact flash card reader, tons of cables, etc, etc... fun stuff.

The drive back was nice and sunny ... listened to Beastie Boys and Tom Petty.

Came back, unpacked, vacuumed, cleaned my room, took a shower... Blythe came over, we reheated spaghetti, got a movie from (Singles), installed Eli's new harddrive, watched Jackass on MTV (goddamn that's a great show), and now I'm going to take my physics pretest and read my book.

Exciting, no?