November 13th, 2000


good day

it's been a good day so far
  • on the physics midterm i thought I flunked last week I actually ended up over 1 standard deviation above the mean.
  • not much homework this week
  • read more of my book
  • had honey-mustard sauce on my roasted chicken breast and subway today ... damn good.
  • doing physics homework ahead of time this week, so I'm not busy wednesday night.
too bad I have physics lab in an hour. oh well.

evening plans

done with physics lab ... it was long and slow. i didn't eat beforehand either, so I was starving near the end.

afterwards I went to subway.

now I plan to finish my book, do some physics homework, then maybe do LJ, then sleep.


Every Monday night I get all relaxed, thinking I can kick back and Tuesday will be easy, but every Monday I forget that I have a bunch of homework due Tuesday morning.

*sigh* have to do homework now I guess.