November 14th, 2000


screw it.

neither of those homework assignments were fun. i'll race to finish them before classes tomorrow. i'm sure i'll do a shitty job on both of them, but i'll justify it later saying, "oh, but I had no time! i did it as fast as I could!" hehe. it's fun tricking yourself into not working.

Book done. Sleep time.

Finished my book. People kept telling me the ending was so great, so I was kinda let down when it was almost exactly what I'd expected. But still ... overall a wonderful book. Every book my dad has every recommended has been good. I should read more often.

I'm going to sleep now.

Dr. Pepper & Netscape 6

I really need to go to Costco today, but I have no desire to put shoes on or spend money. I do, however, have a desire to drink Dr. Pepper, which I'm out of. I also want to finish my physics homework, which requires the drinking of much Dr. Pepper. Costco has Dr. Pepper. Oh, the dilemma.

In other news, Netscape 6 was released today. Everybody should go download it (Linux, Mac, Windows) and use it, for many reasons: 1) standards compliant ... don't let Microsoft turn the Web into a Microsoft-only platform. The web is supposed to be cross platform and standards based. We don't want ActiveX and IE-only HTML *anywhere*. If everybody uses IE, webmasters will continue to do MS-only things. By using Netscape, you make a stand that you won't put up with non-standard browsers and you won't deal with Microsoft's "embrace and extend" tactics. 2) it's skinnable ... not a big feature for geeks, but for regular users, this is kinda fun. 3) it's only going to get better ... ride the wave. Netscape 6.0 is a really early Mozilla-based product... Mozilla's already a lot better than what this Netscape release came from. Try this one out and watch how much stuff improves in Netscape 6.1.

I take that back.

Do NOT go install Netscape 6 --- it's a piece of crap. Instead, I recommend you go get the latest nightly release from

Netscape really messed up ... they should've waited another week or so from the time they branched from the main Mozilla codebase. On Windows, Netscape keeps doing weird things and I have to keep killing it and restarting it. On Linux, the installer keeps locking up. Stupid, stupid, Netscape.

Maybe they'll figure it out by 6.1.


Went to Costco with Patrick and Kenji. Got a bunch of fun stuff, then ate a hot dog.

Back here... back to physics.... but I'm going to add some fun LiveJournal features tonight. Oh yes, that is the plan.

Space Heater

I got a little tiny Vornado space heater and I'm absolutely in love with the thing.... it's small, quiet, nice looking, and it heats my room in under a minute. Absolutely amazing. My room's all nice and toasty now. I'm going to hook it up to my X-10 hardware and program it to turn off at 2am in the morning and turn back on before I wake up .... kick ass.

LJ time!

done with physics (more than 24 hours ahead of time) ... thanks to jason for making me realize that chlorine atoms don't weigh 35kg, but rather 35u. Whoops ... hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.

going to work on a cool LJ feature or two now... i hope to get the first one done tonight, but I may finish both. they're a surprise.