November 16th, 2000


Mentadent and winter.

Went and brushed my teeth, exhausting my supply of Mentadent. I pulled out the plastic pieces from the tubes and refilled it with some other toothpaste I had lying around... Mentadent tubes rule. I remember once I filled them with peanut butter and honey to trick my brother... I even shoved normal white and blue paste in front of the brown and yellow pb & honey so he wouldn't see it and be confused right away. Sure enough, he went to use it and got peanut butter and honey all over his toothbrush. Later I put the Mentadent tube in the kitchen and made sandwiches from it. Mentadent dispensers rule.

Anyway, now I sleep. My Gnome weather applet says it's 32 degrees outside with clear skies. The only reason it's that cold is because it's clear, unfortunately ... whenever it gets cloudly it gets warm, so I'm saying once it gets down to 25 degress with clear skies, then we can hope for freezing cloudly skies and get some snow. Oh yes... that's my mad weather predicting skills right there. Eli said it was 27 this morning, so maybe it's almost snow time. Time to turn the Vernado space heater to low.... when I wake up it'll be somewhat warm, then I'll turn it up before my shower and it'll be damn toasty warm when I come back. Winter rules.

"It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care."

Feeling weird all this week, especially now. Normally I'm stressed because I feel overwhelmed at the number of critical things I need to get done (like homework), and all the fun things I want to do. This week I'm feeling stressed because there are a number of things I should do, but don't have to, and nothing that I want to do. I keep taking breaks going over to my bed and laying there, face down in my pillow.

My inbox is up to 123 messages, most of which require action. My room is messy as hell, covered in boxes and clothes. My desk is piled ful of papers and junk.

Feeling very unorganized and unmotivated.


--- cleaning email (down to 52 from 130)

--- need to start laundry

--- working on a script to login to our cisco dsl modem and automatically update the static nat entries when our IP address changes, and also update the DNS info on's DNS server so I can always get into my computers when I'm away from the house

as usual, doing all tasks slow because i'm context switching too much.

god i hate dart boards

the biggest thing I hated living at home: listening to my family play darts on the electronic dart board.

the biggest thing I hate living here: listening to my roommate play darts on the electronic dart board.

i hate electronic dart boards... i will list the reasons:
  • they have that dumb clunk sound when you hit the board, unlink the nearly quiet sound of a real dart entering a cork board.
  • that stupid voice that talks to you
  • it does the math for you. it's more of a brain workout to add and multiply numbers yourself, and adds some quality to the game
Our dart board was broken earlier this year, and I thought it was more fun to play then.

I like my room because it's so quiet, but even with the washing machine and dryer going (which I find relaxing), you can't block out the sound of the dart board and its gay sounds. But whatever.
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I hate noise.

My earlier dartboard rant was but part of a larger realization I just had:

I hate all unnatural noise.

Sounds I hate: people talking, dartboards, people walking around upstairs, cars, groups of people, crowds, sporting events, etc...

Sounds I like: rain, wind, animals. That's it.

Music is good, too, but that's highly dependent on my mood. Right now I'm working on a few projects, one of which requires a ton of concentration. I want to sit around and just think. I can't think with music, and I can't think with a crowd outside my door playing darts.

I put on headphones, but that only adds to the noise. I can still hear the darts and loud voices over the music.

*sigh* 9.5 more months of living here. After that, my Montana plan is sounding better and better. I just want to be alone, undisturbed.
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