November 17th, 2000


i'm boring. i sleep.

blythe just had a long talk with me saying how boring I am and that I never do anything anymore and I'm unmotivated and need to leave my house sometimes... she thinks that's the reason I'm so unhappy and uncaring about everything lately.

she might be right.

i'm going to try getting out this week ... i'm taking suggestions on things to do. i asked blythe and she said, "something.. just something fun." i asked what.. she doesn't know. i don't have any ideas.

anyway, with that, i sleep. 8:30 class tomorrow.... i should go to it. been skipping too many.

my day

went to all my classes. even tried to pay attention in all of them. got a 91 on my compilers midterm.

went to evan's dorm after classes but he wasn't around.

walked back home, stopping at the bank to deposit some checks.

goal for the weekend: buy a nice digital camera. i miss my camera.

windows keeps locking up on me, but in a weird way --- it seems either my video card or my video driver is bad, because mp3s will keep playing, and I can still ping the machine, so I know networking is still running, and programs can still run, but when I try to connect to VNC with it, it doesn't work .... plus, i seem gibberish on my screen sometimes, and it seems to lock up when drawing fonts... it'll draw a few glyphs without anti-aliasing, then have some gibberish rough-edged ones, then all freezes. very odd. i'll try getting a new driver, but it'll be hard to know if that helps, since the lockup is so infrequent.

stupid windoze.

i'm going to hack on loserjabber now, since I no longer maintain the win32 client, and I need some new client functionality to test some new server features. evan --- you're going to have to clean all my ugly gtk code up. heheh. :-)

Messin' with retail people.

Eli, Mike and I went to Kit's Cameras where Kailani (Eli's girlfriend) works to look at digital cameras. I knew what I wanted as far as features, but hadn't picked up the exact one I wanted. I played with a bunch of them and fell in love with this one.... Nikon Coolpix 880. It has everything I was looking for and more.

Without much debate, I held out my credit card and said, "I'll take it." The store clerk asks, "You will?" He had a weird look on his face. "Yeah," I said hesistantly... "is that a problem?" "No, no...", he said and smiled. "I like this type of customer!" Perhaps they don't sell stuff too often?

They start ringing it up, and I give them my Oregon driver's license to get sales tax removed (which would've added about $80) to the cost. They punch it all up, and then this asshole of a manager comes over and says, "No, we can't do that anymore."

I left. $80 isn't much, but I think they're running a scam ... I've never had a problem getting sales tax removed anywhere else in Washington, but this place decides to be difficult. What do they care? They aren't getting the sales tax anyway. Or are they?

In any case, I'm still happy --- I know what camera I want. I can go find it cheaper on the Internet now. I only feel bad that Kailani didn't get her commission. Sorry.
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53 cents! Bad-ass!

I'm buying almost $800 worth of merchandise at and I get this message during the check-out process:

You have $0.53 in gift certificates or promotional credit available for use toward this purchase. Would you like to apply it? [ ]

Hehehe.... score! I saved 53 cents!

"Let's build a snowman!"

Blythe and I went out in search of Ethernopian food but the place we were planning on going seemed to be not in existence. So, instead we went to Red Robin. I had chicken fajitas, as usual, but this time I used everything ... even the peppers and onions... damn good. Still won't use that sour cream. That stuff sucks. Guacamole is good, though.

I just ordered Cannibal the Musical from ... it should be here any time. Instead of renting it I just decided to buy it ... damn that movie's hilarious. Turns out I had $4 in late fees from my last rental though ... that sucks.