November 18th, 2000


fun evening

* watched cannibal with Blythe, Mike, and Bethany
* did LJ stuff with Blythe (she was helping with layout stuff)
* got some pizza w/ Kenji, Anil, and Blythe
* room's a mess now ... it was spotless yesterday. i'm sad.. i'll have to clean it again before it gets out of hand
* want to play with netatalk and see if brittney's iMac can browse my mp3s off my linux box ... i want a mac, just to mess around with. they're cheap, right? maybe i'll get an iMac with OS X sometime. need more money.

oh --- good story from earlier today: I was walking into Subway when these two girls walk out of the door the same time I'm going in... the first thing I hear the one say to the other as the door opens is, "... but I really love sucking on it." I did a double-take and just kinda smiled at them after they'd noticed me turn around... they quickly realized what I thought I just heard and laughed and smiled back. I've been trying to think of a situation in which they'd say that and not mean sucking on dick, but I really can't think of one. Heh.

guess i'll sleep.

i don't feel like sleeping, but i don't feel like doing anything else right now. i'm at a good stopping point on my current LJ project... if I continued on I'd be up all night. I'm slowing down, too, so why fight it? i think i'm going to start a gallon of iced tea first so it's ready in the morning.

scratch that

i'm gonna stay up and program more.

my ice cubes taste funny because our water is weird here. if i'm going to make my own ice cubes, i'm going to need to start boiling the water first... *sigh* i think it's easier to buy a huge bag of ice at safeway for a buck.

(no subject)

-- woke up about noon
-- got some iced tea and ice that I started last night
-- going to Chuck's dad's house later
-- working on LJ now ... finished server part of a new feature, now I need to figure out where in loserjabber to stick the code. where is Evan when I need him? :-)

oh crap!

I forgot I was filtering all of webmaster@ and support@ livejournal mail to a different folder, and I was forgetting to read it.... 323 messages. crap! at least most of them were just LJ comments, which I'd read before.

anyway, off to chuck's house shortly.