November 20th, 2000


ah yea'!

I just remembered that I have no lab tomorrow, since it's turkey week.
only 4 hours of class, not 7!


still can't sleep.
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Trippy, tired, Tired

can't sleep.

tired, but can't sleep.

with 4 hours until class, is it really worth going to bed? i'd only oversleep and be late to class.... if i stay up I'll be early to class, have time for breakfast, and be tired tonight to sleep.

fun with STAR and DARS

scott's in my room now calling STAR ... student telephone aaaa registration, and i'm using DARS ... degree audit report system.

scott registers for next quarter today (starting at 6am) ... i'm planning my schedule for next quarter now... I register tomorrow. i'd still be sleeping now but I stayed up all night. not tired yet, either.

gonna be a stupid schedule

classes I can't get into:
  • geography of cities, because it conflicts w/ my physics
  • algorithms ... full
  • french ... full
  • linguistics syntax ... because it's at 8:30, and I won't go there.
plus, I need one more CS classes (my choice, from a selection of perhaps 7 or 8) but they're all either full or not available this quarter.

looks my choices come down to one of: accelerated advanced calculus, introduction to modern algebra, linear optimization, nonlinear optimization, discrete optimization, number theory, fundamental concepts of analysis, milking cows, dynamical systems, sheep herding, topology, differential geometry, probability, introduction to Stochastic Processes...... in other words, a bunch of higher level math and statistics courses, which I'd rather not do again. i'm close to a math minor, but I don't think I want to do more. i just want to finish. i want to take some interesting classes for a change.... not that math isn't interesting, but I've done so much.

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