November 22nd, 2000


physics? naah.

so, i finished all of my physics. i thought it was due tonight, but dana told me later it wasn't due until tomorrow night at 1:30. duh ... that makes sense: that's when all the past ones have been due. still, i'm taking off for home tomorrow so it might as well been tonight. i have to get a bunch of stuff done before I take off.

my midterm's tomorrow morning at 8:30. i started studying and making my note sheet when I decided to go check my scores against the class scores for the previous two tests.... I was one standard deviation above the mean on the first one, and 1.1 SDs above the mean on the second. We can drop one test .... I think I'm going to drop tomorrow's. Like, I'm not going to go. If I don't go not only do I gain 2 hours of more sleep in the morning, but I gain extra sleep tonight, and I can do other things tonight that I would've otherwise done tomorrow: pay the electric bill, pack my stuff, clean my room. Plus, I'll get to bed earlier and be less stressed.

yeah, I love how I rationalize everything. screw physics.
Trippy, tired, Tired

can't sleep.

i've been trying to sleep since 1am ... just can't do it.

stupid noisy housemates were bugging me up until 2, but I can't blame it on them because even with it quiet from 2-3:30, I've still been unable to fall asleep.

this sucks. i've tried every fall-asleep-trick I know, but I always go back to thinking about something and shifting around in bed to a new position.

:-( :-(