November 25th, 2000



happy, for various reasons:

* got enough sleep
* mom made a good lunch
* got a bunch of intelligent email from people
* amazon shipped my digital camera! $666 ... heh. unfortunately i still have to wait 1-2 weeks for the AC adaptor, rechargable battery, and carrying case.

think i'm going to go back to seattle today to avoid tomorrow's traffic. plus, it's hard to work with only one 15" monitor instead of two 19" ones. :-)


back in seattle. the drive up was interesting .... couldn't see the road for the majority of the trip due to all the rain.

once I arrived I unpacked, noticed my room smelled funny, went and did a bunch of dishes (that had been laying around my room), came back, unpacked, booted up computers, and within 20 minutes, my win2k box froze again. stupid windows. i'm thinking it has to be the video card.... i'll go buy a cheapo reliable 2d card as soon as i get a chance. recommendations? i don't want a GeForce2 or anything... i don't play games. just something that works.

now i'm going to work on LJ stuff.