November 27th, 2000



So far I've gone to all my classes. Linguistics got a little annoying when the three asian girls in front of me wouldn't stop giggling, talking, and playing with each other's hair. Give me a break --- shut up. I want to kick them all in the back of their heads with my new shoes. Yeah, I got two new pairs of shoes, thanks to my mom... she hates looking at my 2+ year old shoes with the soles falling off and holes all over the place. She knows I won't ever buy new ones.

Anyway, I get back from class and what do I find in my inbox but 20-30 messages related to a Perl bug in LiveJournal that wasn't even my fault ... revjim broke it! Everybody point a finger and him and make him cower in shame... yes, that's right... damn revjim! Well, at least he's working on LiveJournal while at work. Gotta give him credit for that. It was really minor... he accidentally changed the production talkread.bml page to use the development talk library. It's something I'd even do, but I just like to hassle him. :-)

Lot of LiveJournal code is being written and cleaned up lately... makes me happy.

cranky, tired.

i fell asleep on my bed at 6:15 or so. woke up about 9:30 or so. i'm cranky that livejournal is going slow.... the thing is, the throughput's higher than ever. in other words, the server's getting more done right now than it ever has before, but divided by the number of people using it, it appears to be slow.

the problem is all the new users. i'm thinking it'd be fun (and helpful) to just ban all new users. they're nothin' but trouble anyway! ;-) or, to be even more elitist, i could also ban all, and all other free email services. yup yup .... that'd be fun.

there'd probably be a group of people that'd be pissed off, ya think?
after i woke up I went to burger king and got dinner. tired still .... going to go to bed as soon as I finish my stupid physics homework. i skipped physics lab tonight... it was only a makeup one if you did crappy on a previous one.

stupid amazon!

my digital camera just jumped from seattle to oklahoma city. stupid fools ... i'm already in seattle. all you have to do is come 4 miles up I-5 ..... don't go to oklahoma city! :-/