November 28th, 2000

Trippy, tired, Tired


blythe came over and printed something, then took a nap, then hax0red web stuff on my computers... typing on unix on the left, and reloading in IE on the right. scott dissed her for using pico instead of vi or emacs. i'll have to train her.

after that, took blythe home, and scott and I went to safeway. i hadn't shaved in a few days (lost my razor) so I bought a new one and shaved. so nice now.

can't find my physics homework that's due tomorrow. i haven't done it yet, either... it was assigned two weeks ago or so. *sigh*
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got out of bed because i was hungry. eating some honey bunches of oats... damn good cereal. i never have cereal for breakfast, but I eat it dry all the time. good stuff.

still up.

reading a book: "the first horseman", by john case.

i don't feel so guilty if I stay up reading, instead of being on the computer. i keep trying to sleep, but it's useles.... shouldn't have accidentally napped earlier.

crap, crap, crap.

I slept through all my classes today. So I didn't turn in my physics homework (which I didn't do anyway), and I didn't get the new physics homework, or my new linguistics homework. Oh, and I forgot to do the physics pretest this weekend. 6 more days, 6 more days. *sigh*
I woke up when Eli called me, saying that Washington Mutual was giving him a hard time about depositing the rent money. I had to go down there and get things worked out. Pain in the ass. Ended up putting Eli on the account as well, so checks written to him could be deposited. We went to Red Robin's for lunch.
Now I'm back, and pissed at LiveJournal. It's going to damn slow, but there's little I can do. I can't focus on school because I'm stressed about LiveJournal, and I can't focus on LiveJournal because I'm stressed about school. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

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i'm working on a new algorithm to generate friends pages which will hopefully speed a lot of things up. i'm thinking it'd be fun to have a "friends page algorithm" contest: everybody will submit the naive logical ways to do it, and i'll get to go, "Nope, you don't win a prize... livejournal did that for two weeks already and it sucked. try again." the hardest part is always dealing with security efficiently. stupid security features. :-) anyway, the cool thing about this latest method is that no information needs to be cached ahead of time, and scrolling back 400 entries into your friends list won't be a problem because the algorithm actually works better when it retrieves more data.
my refrigerator is gross... my salsa was leaking all over the bottom, molding. i had cheese in there, molding. my water container wasn't closed all the way and leaked all out into my carpet, soon to be molding. i cleaned it all up, and i have my heater drying the carpet out now.
my camera and ac adaptor (every so clearly labeled below) are slowly making their way to seattle. my rechargable battery and carrying case have yet to ship, however....
go camera, go!

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picked up evan and we went and got burger king. we then came back here and finished implementing the new friends view algorithm. with luck it'll hold up.