November 29th, 2000


Windows 2000 ... *sigh*

It seems that the more I use Windows 2000, the more I hate it. Same with anything, actually.... the more I learn about Linux, Perl, web programming, MySQL ... hate them all. Come to think of it, there's very few implementations of anything that I really like.

Anyway, today's win2k silliness: I'm on a machine at school right now, a P3-766 or something, with 256 MB of ram... normally these machines fly, almost as fast as my win2k machine at home. Right now it's chugging along slower than a 486 with 16 mb of ram running win98. My keystrokes are delayed by a couple seconds as I type this. I check task manager and winlogon.exe is taking 99% CPU. I can't kill it because "This is a critical system process. Task Manager cannot end this process." Stupid Windows.

When will Microsoft make a reliable operating system?

stupid amazon.

so, I log into amazon and go to "Your Account > Your Order History" ... only one of my orders (the one for the carrying case) is still in there. the order that contains my camera, ac apaptor, and battery is gone. it's not in my "Completed Orders" either. stupid amazon!

off to class.


i came home, opened by door, and my room smells terrible: wet, molding/mildewing carpet. ugh! i currently have a heater on it, and have my window and door open. this sucks.

i got my Nikon camera AC adaptor today! just came a few minutes ago. still waiting for the camera itself (on its way), and the rechargable battery (MIA ... Amazon doesn't even have it listed anymore that I bought it... stoopid amazon), and the carrying case (yet to ship). I want my camera toys!!!

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Blythe came over and helped me move half my room into the other half so that I could lift up the water-logged carpet. I then took a knife and cut away the soaked carpet pad underneith. propping the carpet up with a big piece of wood and placing my heater nearby, i've got most of the water to dry up or drip down into a bunch of old towels. it's pretty much done drying, then I need to vacuum it and put all the stuff in my room back.

after that Blythe and I went to Greenlake and walked around it. I've biked it a bunch, ran it a few times, but I've never walked it.... damn was it slow. afterwards we went to a little mexican restaurant and ate.

back now... tired. going to work on livejournal ... i know another thing that'll speed things up.