November 30th, 2000


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worked on LJ a bunch ... got the search engine performing orders of magnitude faster. I haven't made the changes live, but I will tomorrow probably.

my digital camera arrived in Seattle and is now in transit to Redmond. why redmond? I guess they go there and then drive it back to me in seattle. silly UPS.

i'm going to go to bed now and read my book some more before I fall asleep.

I have a linguistics test tomorrow that I haven't studied for. I'm going to wake up early and see what I can absorb before I get there. My TA in there is going on strike.... pisses me off. You're a damn student... you're getting free tuition anyway... grr. Stupid TA union.

i dried out my carpet today so my room smells less gross now, but it's not too great. kenji -- in our house next year we'll have to get a place big enough that we can all store our refridgerators outside of our room. oh yes.
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because my life is exciting

* bought carpet cleaner so my room won't smell like mold. my headache's gone, but now blythe has a headache from the cleaning foam. i like the foam smell. mmmm... chemicals. tasty.

* ordered pizza. on its way. more tasty when it arrives.

* my camera's in transit from UPS HQ Redmond. should be here any time. can't wait to post some 3.1 million pixel jpegs. ahfuckinyea'!

* i got $100 out of the ATM the other day. now it's nearly gone. so sad.


yay for networks

Blythe brought her laptop over to my place to do some homework while enjoying the warmth of my room, the smell of my carpet cleaner, my great company, and our high speed internet access. (actually --- I think it was the latter she was really after)

I thought it'd be as easy as her plugging into my switch, enabling DHCP, and it'd work, but we actually had to go through quite a hassle... turns out we were plugging a cross over cable into my switch. duh. plugged in a normal cable and it all worked fine. heh. :-)

update: haha ... i put vnc on her computer, so now I can use x2vnc over 3 monitors.... :-) we're installing linux on her desktop computer this weekend, so she'll need vnc eventually anyway, so it's not like i'm entirely devious. (well ... actually I am. but revjim and I can't talk about that)


Blythe just walked in the room (fully clothed, mind you) and asked me, "do my boobs look bigger today?"

I just stared at her like, "wtf?" After a few seconds I replied hesitantly, "I don't know... but if they are, is that a problem?"

Her hypothesis is that it's the combination of her bra and shirt. Duh.

Silly girls. At least she wasn't asking me if her ass looked bigger or something like that.

why livejournal sucks

I check livejournal every 17 seconds but everybody posts stuff about their day, stuff that pisses them off, ideas they have, but never the answers to my homework. goddamnit, people. how am I supposed to get any work done? :-)

my god

when is the "give to brad scan" ??

Nov 30, 2000 05:20:00 PM REDMOND , WA , US UNLOAD SCAN
Nov 30, 2000 12:56:00 AM REDMOND , WA , US ARRIVAL SCAN
Nov 30, 2000 12:19:00 AM SEATTLE , WA , US DEPARTURE SCAN
Nov 29, 2000 11:41:00 PM SEATTLE , WA , US ARRIVAL SCAN
Nov 29, 2000 01:54:00 AM DENVER , CO , US DEPARTURE SCAN
Nov 28, 2000 09:56:19 PM DENVER , CO , US LOCATION SCAN
Nov 28, 2000 03:04:00 PM DENVER , CO , US ARRIVAL SCAN
Nov 28, 2000 07:02:00 AM SALINA , KS , US DEPARTURE SCAN
Nov 28, 2000 06:13:00 AM SALINA , KS , US ARRIVAL SCAN
Nov 27, 2000 06:57:48 PM OKLAHOMA CITY , OK , US LOCATION SCAN

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What Brad should be thinking about:
The dipole moment associated with an atom of iron in an iron bar is 2.1 x 10-23 J/T. Assume that all the atoms in the bar, which is 4.2 cm long and has a cross-sectional area of 1.5 cm2, have their dipole moments aligned. (a) What is the dipole moment of the bar?

What Brad is actually thinking about:


finished most my physucks, but found out nearly all of my compiler homework I did earlier is wrong and I'll have to redo it all now, when I really just want to sleep.. we're supposed to be hand-compiling C code to assembly for a made-up architecture, but I misinterpretted the addressing modes and have to rewrite it all, which is pretty easy, but a pain. bleh.