December 1st, 2000

Trippy, tired, Tired


been chatting with visions about the win32 client.
looks like he's fixed the crash, and added a few new cool things.
i got the latest source and plan to play with it a little this weekend.

going to bed now. so tired.
8:30 classes blow.
Trippy, tired, Tired

so... damn... tired...

i'm going to pass out, i'm so tired.

skipping linguistics now... he's repeated the same material the past 3 lectures. god i hate intro classes. (oh wait--- that's all i'm taking next quarter: *sigh*) well, at least i can safely skip them.

i'll skip databases today, too ... that class is really technical, but he teaches us all like we're in 1st grade. grrr. but all his slides are on the web, so it's always safe to skip that class.

need to go get some subway (energy?) and then go to one last class. then i sleep!

i'm excited about the imminent arrival of my digital camera and new LJ servers... toys! (hmm... what [unix] operating systems to install on the new servers... so many choices. freebsd? linux? openbsd? i've been weighing all the pros and cons in my mind... i'll keep thinking about it.)


from slashdot:
    "When I was in Berlin, I don't recall meeting one person who couldn't speak english... The homeless beggers even spoke english. Multi-lingual beggers. I was impressed."
sad, for many reasons.

Good news and bad news, times two.

Good news: The new LiveJournal server shipped and have arrived.

Bad news: Dell shipped them to the wrong address. They're in North Carolina, instead of Oregon. *sigh*

Good news: My digital camera arrived!

Bad news: I don't have my rechargable battery or carrying case yet.


stupid camera.
too many options.
think it's broken ... it makes weird grinding noises while it auto-focuses and eli and i are unable to make it stop.


maybe i'll figure it out later.

nikon: customer service

eli and I figure my camera is in fact broken. when I used it in the store it didn't behave like this.

Nikon has a 24x7 tech support 800 number: major points for them already. i'm on hold now waiting for a "support specialist" ... they're thanking me for my "continued patience". whatever. I just want my new toy to work.

I get one toy and it's broken.
Other new toy ships to the wrong side of the country.
Room smells like mold, despite carpet cleaning.

(had to throw that last one in there while I'm complaining)

guess it's okay.

Nikon dude listened to the sound and said it was normal. Seems odd. I guess that's the auto-focus continually refocusing. You can turn it to manual mode and it doesn't do that, or hold down the button half-way to stop it before a picture, but blah .... so complicated. :-)

On the phone now with a bunch of people at Dell trying to figure out what to do about the servers in NC.


been playing with my camera more... lovin' it. the resolution on the pictures is amazing. i can't wait now for the rechargable battery to show up.... this one's going to get drained in no time (according to reviews) so I can't really leave my room and the AC adaptor and go on a shooting spree outside.

the included NIkon software is wonderful ... no bullshit: your camera shows up in "My Computer".. open it and inside are thumbnails of your pictures. drag'n'drop them to wherever, or double-click to run a simple image viewer. helluva lot better than the Kodak software my dad's camera came with... I can't stand cartoon software. If a company doesn't respect its users enough to figure some might not be morons, I won't buy anything from them. Nikon's now on my very damn cool list. Wonderful camera, wonderful tech support, wonderful software.

I'd like to get my coolpix working with gphoto in linux, but according to andre julliard (the wine maintainer), I need to build a 2.4 kernel because the 2.2 USB backport doesn't have a few of the functions which are necessary for the usb nikon driver. oh well... maybe i'll just use windows.

i'm going to clean my room now, then work on LJ ... anything but take a nap, which I'm really tempted to do. i want to get on a normal sleeping schedule. if i let myself be exhausted until tonight at 10 or 11pm, then i can sleep well... but i'll probably wake up then at 3am or 4am, my body thinking it's time to wake up after my typical ~5 hours of sleep .

stupid phone people

a telemarketer just called me with the stupidest sell line ever... i forget what it was. something about saving the children and rain forests and blind children. i mumbled something about being a poor college student and had to go. she asked if she could call back in a few days. to get her to shut up I said, "um... sure." she asked, "Are you Alfred?" I laughed.... "No, that must be somebody that lived here previously." She asked my name. "Mike Rode". Hahahahaaha.

[root@blythebox /ah/yeah] #

I went and got Blythe's computer from her house... I'm going to install Linux and helix gnome on it while she's at class. When she gets back it's time to teach her more unix stuff. (she's already the mad pico hacka'... and she uses ftp.exe instead of CuteFTP... and she's learning bash pretty well, including most the readline keys)

For those that are just joining us tonight and think this is pure evil, don't worry: her laptop is far faster than this thing and runs Windows... we're experimenting with this computer because she never uses it. :-)

ah yea

after 3 tries, i guess what network card blythe had in her machine. helix gnome's now installing.

erik's been bugging me to go teach him sql and some perl stuff. going to go do that now while helix installs.


I can record quicktime movies with my camera!!! 3.2 minute maximum, but it looks better than most camcorders... excellent quality and framerate.... i can't have sound, but oh well. i didn't even know the camera could make movies in the first place.

give me ideas on things to film in 3.2 minutes and I'll put them online (speaking of 3.2 minutes, I won't make porno films for you. :-))