December 3rd, 2000


done, for now.

scott and I have retired from working on our compiler for the evening. much is working. much more is not. in particular, assignment to arrays is working very sporadically. our eyes hurt from debugging our resultant assembly code.

kinda tired now ... sleep? i guess. maybe i'll work on a few things first.


reading the manual for my digital camera. page 9 of 180. this is going to be awhile. and before any of you make cracks about reading the manual you should go buy one of these things and see how many menus of menus it has.... :-)


awake, during a 4-digit time. ya know, that's the best time range to wake up in... 3-digits is either too early or too late. yup yup.

hell day

i hearby name today "hell day". much homework, involving much book reading.

Correction: hell day? What am I thinking? This is hell week --- it's finals week! oh shit.

mwa hah

for the record, i would like to say that scott's assembly for our for loop sucks and he has caused me an unneeded amount of strife.

reasons to kill scott has increased to two.

the trap door behind my mexican blanket opens tonight.

Update: neither of us have a fucking clue.

Update again: it was Scott's fault. (or at least I'm saying so.)

MSN Explorer

To avoid doing homework, I downloaded MSN Explorer .... my god am I scared. It was very pretty, but it was frightful how integrated everything was, and how tied to Microsoft all the services were. I uninstalled it. I am sane once more.


i just took a 15 minute power nap. fully recharged, I will now venture outside for the first time today. destination: safeway. my mission: get ice for iced tea.


that's some good ice and some good tea.
i also bought some cinnamon raisin bagels.

in 7 minutes scott is coming back so we can resume our homework.
in these 7 minutes I have some LJ work I want to get done.


Anil found 3 Coronas upstairs in the back of the fridge. He gave me one and took two off to his room.

Scott and I are programming now.

getting scott addicted!

scott just saw me pour another glass of iced tea and wants to try some. i told him to go get a glass and some ice. mwa hah hah. i find this amusing. normally scott says that everything I do sucks. to see him show interest is quite amazing.

If the Japanese can do it, so can we....

All the other groups in our compiler class our submitting test cases that we're supposed to run. In their comments they say stuff like, "Your output should be 1234742782383". This is because we only have a system call to output an integer, but without any newline separting them. Scott and I added a system call to put in a newline character so our output's going to be different from everybody's. I brought this up and Scott replied, "So? We just have to read down. If the Japanese can do it, so can we."