December 4th, 2000


long time, no post.

scott and I finished up for the evening on our compiler project. we got a ton of stuff working but like always, there's even more remaining.

working on a little bit of LJ stuff that's blocking some of Evan's work, then I'm going to bed.

three days

three days of school remain, then finals. (one of my finals is actually on wednesday, too)

can I make it?

now I sleep.

1 done, 3 to go.

physics was relaxing ... review of stuff I actually remembered and understand: the easy early stuff. it just goes downhill from there, though. wednesday will suck.

off to linguistics now.

I wrote down some livejournal ideas to organize my thoughts a little.


have to go transfer money to our landlord's account now that everything's cleared and shit. stupid doesn't let you transfer to an account that isn't yours. retarded.


the telemarketer that called last week about the save the blind kids foundation called back today, asking for mike.

he was flipping me off as he had to listen to their spiel and scott and I were just laughing our asses off.

it's all about wasting their time, just like they waste ours.


got like 5 people in here watching little mermaid now.

Rode's in love with Ariel. (aren't we all?)