December 7th, 2000


Can they get any stupider?

i don't want to sound too idiotic, but i think that i am in love with henry, and i think that he loves me too, because he sent me a really long letter, and two mixed tapes, and nobody has ever done that for me before, and i always do stuff like that when i really really like somebody. his letter was so funny, he has a very weird sense of humor, and writes about the school he is at like it's the sickest, weirdest place in the world. i found out he's only one year older than me which is nothing, and he's coming to see the play this weekend.

danny is coming too, but i think it will be cool, except that i wonder what henry will think about danny because i know danny's not stupid, but hardly anybody else can tell, and i hope henry doesn't say anything that danny doesn't get, because then, it will be like i have to act like i didn't get it either.

I need some help!

;-} anna


I just figured out why I have so much email!!!

I was just looking at the date header, confused about how I could've got email in the future...... I had messages from 10:30 pm and such. Turns out now is this morning, not last night ...

It's 8 in the morning, not 12 hours ago!

Damn that was a good nap!!

Happy Day!

Getting 15 hours of sleep makes me very awake.

Installed junkfilter (procmail suite of spam-catching recipes) ... so nice: not getting any spam any more. I love it because I can customize what rules I want. I have all my existing filtering rules, then junkfilter's. I had to do this because some ass-wipe signed up one of my email addresses to 20+ mailing lists last night. Grrrr.

But the best thing --- Red Robin's! I just organized a massive RR outing, and we're off in 15 minutes. Gotta go take a shower now.

Erik's going, and he has hollybear and her friend with her.

why 80% isn't good enough.

In the Linux community there's a vocal crowd always saying how Konqueror or Opera are kick-ass web browsers and Mozilla's just bloat. Mozilla people reply pointing out that Konqueror and Opera both don't do everything, and lack the foundation to do everything. The Mozilla people are so correct...

After installing junkfilter, I can now see what percentage of my spam is caught by my original rules and what percentage is caught by junkfilter. My filters catch about 8 messages for every 2 that junkfilter catches... but looking at the junkfilter messages, I realize it would've been really difficult to filter it the way I've been doing things. Compare the sizes of my procmail recipes vs. junkfilter's ... mine are about a page long. Junkfilter's are 1,500 lines long. Mine are about 100. So, consider that 1/15th of the code does 80% of the work... of course this isn't always the case with every problem, but clearly it shows that there is a basis to the maxim "it takes 80% of the time to do the last 20% of the project".

I don't want a somewhat good solution --- I want a perfect solution. I don't want to see a single spam message ever, and I don't want to see crappily laid out web pages ever.

stupid office / hate

things i hate about office 2000: the clipboard stack. good idea, bad implementation. the idea is that you can copy multiple things and paste them back in order. (or in any order?)

the bad part is that it doesn't really work. it doesn't know that when you copy something from a document and then paste it into another application, you're likely done with it... try pasting parts of a word document into notepad, then going back and copying another part of the document. word brings up its dumb multiple clipboard floating toolbar. go the fuck away, i say! I don't want to see you .... you think you're smart but you're not.

i hate microsoft software. have i said that before? wastin' my time. then again, i hate most open source software too, with a few exceptions. i hate so many things. i hate noise... i hate most people.

i'm going to get out of this house and away from my computer where I can go study undistracted somewhere.


going to the ave to study and get some food.
presense of computers here is not conducive to good studying.
must leave.


got a lot of studying down at the cafe....
... until crazy man starting to talk to all of us.

taking a study break now: bowling with kenji, chuck, blythe.