December 8th, 2000



the plan: subway, study, final.

i have 2 sub club cards ... free foot long today. ah yea'. almost makes up for having to go to a final!

2 down, 2 to go.

done with databases... didn't go too bad at all. many of the questions were just SQL stuff, which was extremely simple. I was expecting more theory stuff but it turned out to be quite reasonable.

kinda angry now because I got home and have tons of mail, most of it stupid.

might go see a movie tonight w/ evan and at0m and lilly and other LJ people.
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    All Saints - Pure Shores

journals are fun

got some iced tea.
ran up the stairs, tripped, skinned my knee up. go me.
processed a bunch of livejournal payments.
inbox at 53. target: 20.
helix-update finally has something new! ah, just ORBit update. sad.
evolution from CVS crashing now. great.
room is a mess.
opened my door and now room's cold.
calling blythe.
she's not there.
she left me a voicemail.
ah, she just called me!
reel big fish rules.
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    Reel Big Fish - Sellout


went and saw Unbreakable with a bunch of people. pretty good. I got my ticket free, somehow .... I'm confused. I owe somebody money, but I'm not sure who.

as we were leaving we heard a couple guys talking about Vertical Limit, saying how it was horrible and you shouldn't waste your money on it.

afterwards I got gas, then money, then went to safeway for bread and honey. my complete list of food in this house now includes: bread, honey, and peanut butter that i've never used. enough for a meal! time to make a sandwich.

blythe's giving me a head massage.... awwwwwww. so nice.