December 9th, 2000


i should be in bed

... but i'm not. instead i'm up late hacking on the win32 livejournal client. i had the urge to punish myself with MFC ugliness. now i wish i hadn't. god i hate this programming environment... and this API ... and the documentation... windows blows. but at least my new computer's fast and compiles this shit in no time. that's cool.


woke at 11
made pb&h sandwich
cleaned mail down to 16 messages.
rebuilding gal and evolution
goals for the day include:
-- inbox at 5 messages
-- clean room
-- study for physics (i'm scared)

(no subject)

hours of rebuilding latest evolution, gtkhtml, bonobo, gnome-vfs, gal and it segfaults on startup. great. why do I continue to hope? update: it worked the second time. odd.

took a shower.

got some iced tea. goal: clean room, then study for physics. oh yes. i will study.

also, i need to find some place in the world that has Nikon 880 batteries in stock... it seems the whole world is starved for Nikon accessories. no battery = no using camera. sad.

blah blah

feet are cold.
don't want to study.
want this quarter to be over.
i like how each line gets longer.
i should make them go back.
not sure what to do.
maybe go eat?
but where?
can't cook.
fast food?

New version of LiveJournal for Windows is available for download. Pretty cool release... I added multiple picture support, Visions added md5 support and fixed the crashing bugs. Overall pretty damn cool. Go upgrade.
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full tank of gas

too unmotivated to study or do homework.
only thing that entertains me is programming.
need to get out of the house.
think i'll go drivin' ... i got a full tank of gas.
i'll find some place to eat.
i'll probably stop by at0m's and see what's up there.