December 10th, 2000


filtering spam with outlook? oh no.

I showed Eli the awesome power that is junkfilter and he was pretty awed by it all ... I showed him all the rules it had and how many messages it catches for me each day. I was going to set it up for him (since he gets so much spam ... probably because of all those porn sites he visits), but the school doesn't have procmail installed, and doesn't respect .forward files. They have their own weird forwarding system, where all mail is by default fowarded to, where the MDA is, but you can choose where the forwarding goes... i was going to make his @u mail go to eli, and then filter it, leave the spam on an IMAP account for him, then forward the rest of it back to @deskmail, but he didn't like that solution. So, he's going to try and make a bunch of Outlook Express rules without regular expressions to filter his spam .... I pity the fool. He'll be back.

Study Time!

Okay, I'm hitting the books... oh yes. I'm going chapter by chapter and typing up a shitload of notes. I don't think we can use printed notes, but I'll rewrite it on paper later. I can't think on paper... can't move stuff around and change things quick enough. Plus, I can't work on my bed (I tend to fall asleep) and I can't write because I have no pencils. And I can't control mp3s as fast. So yeah ... I'm getting organized! I'm gonna take notes for 2 hours or so, sleep, then wake up early tomorrow so I'm tired, go running so I'm tired, and then sleep early, so I'll be up and awake at 8:30 Monday morning. Oh yes.

That's the plan, anyway.

You can track my progress here. It's updated every 30 seconds.

food, browsers

went to dick's with blythe. it's getting cold out ... i like it. air smells like winter.
downloaded and played with Opera for the first time. parts of it are very slick, but other parts are incredibly stupid. not sure what to think of it. i can see why so many people love it, though.
i should sleep. big day of more studying tomorrow. yay. (sarcasm)
Trippy, tired, Tired


can't sleep.

too cold, too hot, too many ideas.

i have a bunch of things i want to program right now but they'll take hours. if I don't program them I'll be up hours anyway, thinking about them.


can't wait for winter break and next quarter. don't like finals.


Wooohoo.... It's snowing!!!!

dear snow god: please snow all of seattle in including the physics department so my final is cancelled tomorrow. thank you.

snow no show

i went to take a picture of the snow w/ my digital camera but even on the highest resolution the snow didn't show up. it must be movin' too fast, ya know? :-) i'll go take a picture later when we're 10 deet under snow... i'll have to get it from the roof because I won't be able to get out the door.

Dinner at Cedar's

Back from dinner w/ Raja, Evan, and Blythe. I'd never met Raja before... he's a really cool guy: incredibly smart, great sense of humor, and very polite. Conversation was enjoyable, although very geeky at times (I warned Blythe it would be like that, but she came for the Indian food. :-))

I wish I didn't have a final tomorrow ... kinda cut the evening short. Oh well.

Back to studying.
Trippy, tired, Tired

sleep? no? yes.

i have an incredible desire right now to lay down and take a "quick" nap. recently I did that and slept 15 hours.

i have to finish my physics notes first, then I can sleep. or --- print out what i have now, and copy it to paper tomorrow before the final, as a last review. yeah, that's sounding nice.

stoopid finals. but to think --- in 12 hours I'll be done 3/4 done and incredibly happy. (i'm not scared about the compiler final)

bed time.