December 12th, 2000


before I crash, an update

scott and I were half-way through blade runner when Evan, Raja, and a friend of Raja's stopped by. they discussed shortest path algorithms and operating systems while Scott tried to ignore them all and watch the movie. Evan hax0red my windows box and looked at people's journals.

I've been on and off IRC the past bit, because everybody's network blows. Can anybody run a reliable network? nope. In the Federal Republic of Brad there will be no computers, and thus no networks, so we won't have this problem.

Been awake over 20 hours now. It's about time to crash.

sleep time?

I went and visited with Erik and Kenji for awhile, but now it's really time to sleep. I've been awake 24 hours now but I'm hardly tired at all. What the hell? It must be the excitement of only having one final left, and an easy one at that.

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ordered some pizza and ate it with a bunch of people upstairs.

scott informed me that my final tomorrow is at 8:30 am, not 2:30 pm (!)
that sucks. i was going to study tomorrow... now I have to do it tonight. :-(

Pimpin's just too hard

Whitaker just emailed me this:

You remember our "bitches" from Philly? I'm talking to Beroff and apparently they wanted us that whole time, but we didn't pay enough attention to them or something the first night... and they were trying to drop hints and shit, but they just flew over our heads? Did you know this? I guess I'm probably the only one that didn't realize I was being a dumbass. Sheeeeit... just trying to calculate my dumbassness on a scale of 1-10.

Thank god for Blender, pimpin's just too hard for me.

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fucking no good lockin' up microsoft platform SDK setup wizard piece of shit!

scott and I are working on making IE tool bands, like the google bar.... Eli wants a toolbar, and Scott's considering writing a livejournal one.... scott's the windows programmin' masta.

But damnit ... it's just too painful. Have to deal with Microsoft software to write Windows code. B:SD:K:OSKJFDK:LKJ:F
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stupid finals

Mentally, I'm done. I'm really annoyed that I have to go to another final tomorrow morning. I haven't studied yet, nor do I plan to. It's a two hour final that he guesses will take us an hour ... and it's open note, open book. If I have problems I'll learn it in that extra hour.
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