December 16th, 2000


sick. :-(

i went to bed at 10:30
i woke up 10 minutes ago, thinking it was morning.
2 hour 10 minute nap? pathetic.
my throat is so sore... hurts to breathe and swallow saliva.
need drugs.

back to bed

$ ls -1 *.wav | grep -v 01 | xargs -n 1 ./notlame350_rh6 -v

and with that, i'm off to bed. sore throat still hurts, but I took drugs. kinda better. :-/

medicine, ghosts

Getting sicker. Can't sleep. Couch and sore throat keeping me awake. Incredibly cold too, no matter how much clothes I put on and how many blankets I wrap up in. Feh. Stupid sickness.

I take the time while I'm sick to realize how un-advanced our medicine technology really is. All this shit should be preventable/curable. But if you look at how far we've already come, it makes you appreciate how large the field is, and how much there is yet to learn. If I had the motivation to learn another field, it'd be medicine. Maybe combined with computers. Hacking the body is my ultimate dream. Imagine having a CORBA interface to everything in your body, even if most the interfaces were read only ... we lack any good way to just monitor arbitrary conditions in the body. Diagnoses often take months (take my freon incident, for instance) ... I dream of a day when you go to the doctor (or even to your nearest computer), plug in, and the computer can tell you what's broken, and the quickest course to treatment... or even jump-start the process for you, producing the right hormones or cells to fight it. *sigh*

I just watched Stir of Echoes and now I keep thinking I'm going to turn around and see a ghost.

Maybe I'll try to sleep again.


(no subject)

unable to sleep, inbox trimmed to 22.

sad: nobody else is online?

update: 17. i'm going to try and sleep again. whatever.
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home alone today. family all went to the beach house. the attic's been remodeled and now there's a room up there.... they're going to paint it today.

not sure what i'm going to do today --- sit around sick all day probably. maybe pay some bills, watch some movies, program.

I just got email from an AOLer with this question: "where is my web browser?" *sigh*

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took a shower

cleaning inbox again

new evolution: 0.8! helix-updating right now. i stopped building from CVS last week .... takes too much of my time. and I get my hopes up too much. I tell myself now that I'll wait for releases... no more buggy CVS versions a few times a day.

mike and hofer went running ... i could've gone I suppose, but then I'll just get sick again (it seems to have gone away since this morning). think they're going to come over and play pool later.


i had turned off the servers this morning because they were so damn loud and I wasn't working on them, but I just powered them back up... the room is once again a wind tunnel. one of them is responding to pings. the other isn't yet.... think I'm going to have to plug a monitor into it and see what's up.

I named them cartman and kenny ... cartman is the database, because it's big and fat. (they're both the same size... but cartman has two extra 18gig drives visible in the front) kenny is named in memory of the soon-to-be old webserver, which dies so often. hopefully kenny won't actually die once it's in production.

ah: kenny didn't come up because there was a bootable cd-rom in the drive. duh.