December 18th, 2000



played cole "one game" of pool, which turned into best-of-five. little fart beat me. I knocked more of his balls in the last game than my own.

took a shower.

eli and I decided what we're getting each other for christmas... he's getting me a subscription to Maxim ... I'm getting him a pair of gloves from costco.

back to hacking on my javascript and hacking up my lungs (stupid cough)

found a valid bug in Mozilla (not really hard to do given the number), but I have a good test case for it, so I'm going to go submit a formal bug report in bugzilla. in the meantime I have a hacky work-around, but who uses mozilla anyway? :-)

die vermins, die!

screw iced tea.... i made me some hot chocolate. ah yea'.
i discovered I was coughing a lot more after drinking cold stuff.
solution: burn those fuckin' germs to death with 190 degree hot chocolate!

fun with coughing

i've been coughing up some very interesting pieces of "stuff" lately. i'm not sure what this stuff is... it's like grayish boogery chunks. is it concentrated germ? i always feel better after I get rid of them... smoother breathing and less coughing. they're almost kinda cool. i mean, how many times in the year do you get to cough up grayish boogery chunks, huh?

(no subject)

* slept from 8:30-10:30.
* mom woke me up at 10:30
* took car to the bodyshop to get key scratch fixed
* mom forced me to go on stupid errands w/ her, since I was then without a car (!!!)EGRGRGFGGRRrrrr
* tons of stupid people at costco. way too crowded
* back to sleep now