December 19th, 2000


night in review

party was fun.
people in attendance included: sheley, garrett, anil, stomp, elisa, chatty
we played pool and then watched "scary movie" -- damn that's hilarious
tired now.
took nyquil ... time to go pass out.
normal sleeping schedule... hooray!

morning in review

woke up at noon.
i slept solid from 1:30 last night until noon today.
10.5 hours of sleep, but still pretty tired.
cough characteristics changing. for the better? I think so.
goals for today: master screen(1) then work on LJ a bunch.


did some errands: bank, hardware store, drop crap off at anil's.

speaking of hardware, last night my dad helped me cut my chains down to the right length so I don't have to wrap them around my hands anymore. we had to cut 4 chain links open and reattach two of them. fun tools used: vise, vice grip (handheld vise thing), metal saw, two pairs of pliers.

got a few stupid chain letters from dumb AOLers, so I made a new procmail junkfilter rule:

* To:.**
{ JFMATCH="$JFSEC: Chainletter to 2+ AOL-ers"
INCLUDERC=$JFDIR/junkfilter.match }

In other news, I'm in love with screen. So damn cool.

screen does 0wn

screen -d -r

so damn cool!

I have a connection to livejournal in gnome-terminal on my left monitor and PuTTY on my windows monitor.... running emacs in screen.... type screen -d -r on one of the sessions and emacs pops up on the screen, and automatically resizes to match the window size, with the same document loaded and the cursor at the same position.

so damn cool.

screen -D is pretty neat too..... and "C-a x" to lock the screen.

yes .... very cool. thanks to at0m for introducing this to me awhile back... should have sat down and learned it then.


Finally read all the details on the HTTP/1.1 Cache-Control directive.
I'm setting Cache-Control: private on all responses now so transparent caching proxies don't send the wrong page to the wrong user, like Microsoft and AOL have been doing (which I know isn't their fault, I guess.)


Evan posted his grades, so I guess I'll post mine too.

Course Course Title Credits Grade Grade
CSE 401 INT COMPILER CONSTR 3.0 3.8 11.40
CSE 444 INTRO DATABASE SYS 3.0 3.6 10.80
LING 200 INTRO LING THOUGHT 5.0 3.9 19.50
PHYS 122 ELMAG & OSCIL MOTN 4.0 3.0 12.00
PHYS 132 EXPTL PHYSICS 1.0 3.0 3.00

Graded Credits
Grade Points
Grade Point
Total Credits
16.0 56.70 3.54 16.0

Some analysis:

  • Compilers: I'm happy with this grade.
  • Databases: I'm pissed at this grade, because the class was so easy ... my TA and professor can die. My TA knocked points off for everything, just to be evil. Having real world knowledge of databases hurt my grade here, most definitely.
  • Lingustics: I got a 3.9!?!?!? HAHAHAHA ... I hardly ever went to class. What a fucking joke. I never opened the book, I never studied for tests. So that's what non-CS, non-engineering classes are like, huh? Damn -- next quarter is going to rock. :-)
  • Physics: this class kicked my ass. Grade reflects it... this is my lowest grade at UW. But, I'm totally happy with it --- I'm done with it.