December 21st, 2000


another exicting night

yeah, i haven't posted in awhile.
what have I done tonight?
worked on LJ a bunch.
umm... played some pool by myself again.
turned on the TV while I was playing pool and watched
some really cheesy pr0n on skinnimax. i swear cheesy
porn would be really funny to have mystery science
theater in front of.... you could make fun of everything.
anyway, got bored after 1 game of pool.
back in front of the computer workin' on LJ.


nick and I played some pool.
then we spun ... nick picked it up pretty quick.
now we're playing with Mario Paint on Super NES ... making music.


nick, dan and i went to kmart & bought more chains and towels. came home and i cut nick's chains down while dan played some more ping pong. bille came over while nick and i were spinning in the garage... she was intrigued and started to work on it. dan refuses to try. makes sense, after he watched nick hit himself in the nuts a few times. speaking of nuts, everybody ate my nuts earlier ... they were commenting on how salty they were, but nick said one of my nuts was bigger than the others. billie, nick, dan and i are playing pool now...


people went home.
shower. lil' coding. sleep.
that's the plan.
tomorrow: xmas shop, get car from body shop, beach.