December 22nd, 2000


no beach

guess plans changed.... not going to the beach today.
going xmas shopping with dan (and nick?)
cough is still annoying at times, but gone temporarily.

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xmas shopping was a failure.
things i hate: shopping, malls, traffic, people.
picking up my car at 5.
should clean room ... it got messy.

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ate dinner: oriental chicken salad ... like at red robin's, but at home!
got a haircut from master barber mom.
took a shower.
damn i look sexy.
95% of hair is gone.
look like my LJ userpic again... instead of a head full of hair
dan and nick are supposed to come up with a plan.
think i'm going to clean my room. messy.
canda wrote me a letter saying how displeased they are with freevote
they told me i had to write them a letter back saying how displeased i was
silly canada