December 24th, 2000


(no subject)

I woke up today around noon. I just didn't want to get out of bed.
Took a shower, but didn't really want to get out of the shower.
Feeling kinda lazy.
Nobody's home --- where'd they all go? I dunno.
Computer room and bedroom are still messy.
Attemps at cleaning them have failed.
Don't feel like doing anything.

family time

my mom wanted to have the family go to church tonight
um, no.
instead I proposed we spend family time together
(being xmas eve and all)
so after 5:00pm there's to be no computer (me) or leaving the house (ryan)
i even agreed to 1) play scrabble and 2) drive around looking at lights
that give me 90 minutes to get in as much programming and mp3s as i can!

(no subject)

family time is over.
lost at scrabble. lost at pool.
but it was fun.
opened a bunch of presents.
tomorrow we open more presents, then go to the beach.
blythe comes on the 28th.
nick, paula, blythe, garrett and I are going to a modest mouse concert.
Trippy, tired, Tired

caught ya

went upstairs to bring some dishes to the kitchen and caught santa and santa's helper putting presents under and around the tree.

nyquil + melatonin + bored = going to bed.