December 25th, 2000


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santa came.
little brothers were being very damn annoying trying to get me out of bed.
grrrr. i'm up now.

<groggy> merry christmas! </groggy>

Thank You!

I'd like to thank all the LiveJournal users that sent me cards and presents this Christmas ... they meant a lot to me and were some of the best gifts I've received in awhile.

I feel bad that I don't even know who most of this stuff is from. If you sent me something, please reply here and say hello. And unless you want to remain anonymous, let me know what you got me.

I'm particularly amused by the Cluelessness poster. I think I'm going to frame it. Heheh. :-)

Oh, and revjim's Brad in the Hood song, even if he didn't intend for it to be a gift. :-)

ho ho ho

going crazy... so bored, annoyed, and bored lately. it's about time to head back to seattle, but it's not. going to the beach today with family, minus ryan. i was gonna relax and work on spinning (learned some new shit), but my handle on one of the chains just broke (leather wore thin and ripped off). i have a backup one but i liked the one that just broke more. bah. also going to bring my 4-CD learn german program to the beach ... dad's bringing his laptop. i need a laptop. we have no real net connection there but at least I'll erlerne Deutsch zu sprechen. or something.

also going to bring a notebook and a pen ... have some things I want to work on on paper before I start programming them.

we're going to stay there two nights, then come back the 27th. blythe comes the 28th night... then the 29th we're going to a modest mouse concert, then the 30th I drive back to seattle.

hopefully it's stormy at the beach ... that rules. the attic of the beach house has been remodeled into a bedroom with windows everywhere, so that'd be a cool place to be during a storm.

cleaned my rooms up today ... kinda nice looking now.

cole's annoying ... too much energy. always being loud and abnoxious. and now he's whistling. too bad he's going to the beach. i know he's just going to bug me the whole time.

net's boring today ... nothing is new or going on. and no mail.

i need to go pack. as grumpy as I sound, I'm actually looking forward to going to the beach. at least I'll be getting away from here.


at the beach.

slept in the car on the way over.

watched star trek TNG and then voyager... hadn't watched star trek in ages. TV is relaxing... no brain power required.

the new attic bedroom kicks ass. i should throw a beach party here sometime in the spring when it's warm here ... that'd rule.

cole wants to go swimming now, but I didn't bring any shorts or swimming suits home... all in seattle.

it's only 7:15 but it seems so late. i've been going to bed really early lately.