December 28th, 2000


Fire pictures!

For people that keep asking what "spinning" is whenever I mention it, here are pictures from earlier this evening. I'm making some pretty stupid faces in a lot all of them.
Yeah, so the beach was nice and relaxing. I got a workout today ... running around with Cole and his friend Albert all over the beach. They went out on a inflatable boat up the river... I was supposed to watch them so I ran up beside the river and got up on a bridge going over the river, jumped down to the island below, and hopped on their boat... they then dropped me off on a log in the middle of the river where I stay for awhile before Cole came back and picked me up. Fun stuff.

yeah, so came home then nick and I went to GI Joes to get tickets... he tried to pay for them but they wouldn't take his credit card, so I put it on mine... that bitch owes me like $200 now. then dan came over while nick and I were making new wicks. nick's trying to learn to spin backwards ... he's making progress.

then we played some pool, then watched a bunch of TV, then they took off.

now I get to deal with a billion email messages and crap. maybe i'll put it off until tomorrow.

tomorrow night blythe shows up! then nick, blythe, me, garrett?, dan?, are going to the beach to hang out. yea' yea'.

exciting journal entry, huh?



while in the shower, the necklace I'd been wearing for over 2 years broke, black metallic beads falling all over the bottom of the shower.... sad. i picked up all the beads. can't decide if I'll fix the necklace or move on, possibly finding a new one.

finishing writing another letter to Canada ... "Vancouver School Board Legal Counsel". have to go mail these now (have one to the parent advisory board too...). blah.

I ordered two Nikon Coolpix 880 Lion Rechargeable Batteries from Amazon last night (they finally have them in!) and they shipped today. Ah yea'! I'll hopefully have them in time for the party. Hopefully.

Going to run some errands now ... mailing letters, return some things, food...


1 video store... rent movie
2 get nick & dan
3 go to train station; get blythe
4 beach.
5 if rain then goto 7
6 big beach fire.
7 movie.