December 31st, 2000


back in seattle.

I've been back in Seattle since about 9, but I've been unpacking and setting things up until now. I've still only got about half my stuff out of boxes and working. The car was packed tighter than I've ever had it.

Blythe helped me unpack and then organized my bookshelf (which contains books and all other random crap I put there). She's so nice. :-)

(no subject)

My room is slowly becoming clean. Kenji, Blythe and I went to Dick's earlier for food. We saw tons of cops out and about tonight.

Blythe put in some old Southpark episodes on DVD and we're currently being entertained by that.

I checked to see where my camera batteries are... "Your item was accepted at 5:31 pm on December 28 in CAMPBELLSVILLE KY 42718. It is enroute to its delivery destination. I used to love ordering from Amazon because I always got my package so soon... now you never know where in the country it's coming from.

halogen death

my halogen light tower died ... i bought three of them a couple months ago (two for upstairs, one for my room) and now two are dead. i'm sad. why are they dying? they're my favorite lights. :-(

today's plans

Blythe wrote these plans up yesterday in the most god-awful handwriting I've ever seen:
  • run
  • Bellevue Square: (she didn't write "Square" ... she drew a box)
    • Cole's hat (I have to get a different size for him)
    • Blythe needs new shirt
  • Home Depot:
    • tools - Brad
    • halogen light Blythe
  • Party
So, that's the plan. I've picking her up in 10 minutes or so, then we're off.

All people in Seattle better be coming to the party tonight!