January 1st, 2001


Happy New Year!!!!

Parties tonight weren't too wild ... I think there were so many parties going on that the (people / party) count was low at them all. Kinda disappointing. Even Casey's place was lame ... usually there are shitloads of people there.

Anyway, the party at our house wasn't that bad.... just a bunch of people hanging out and talking. I got a bunch of pictures which I'll post tomorrow.

I'm going to finish watching LA Confidential with Blythe now, I think.

i hate windows

day in review: woke at noon, went to red robins with blythe and kenji ... food wasn't that good, which is odd... usually red robins is awesome. came back... kenji and I spun for a bit. after that I showered, cleaned my room a bit, and messed around on the computer for awhile.

now windows 2000 is being dumb and locking up and booting and rebooting in a loop. looks like it's getting further now. stupid windows. update: nope, it got past the point where it crashes, but it just locked up again.

God wants me to starve

Kenji was going to pick up Chinese food, but he left his cellphone at home.

I want to order pizza, but the number (985-0000) for Papa John's has been busy for a few days straight.

How can I eat?

I stole some of Anil's bread and peanut butter before (with his permission), but I can't subsist on that forever....

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ordered pizza

wrote a perl script to generate our house chores .. pretty complicated: chores can either be global, or specific to a certain floor of the house... 1) each person only should have to do chores that pertain to their area. further, chores shouldn't repeat for a user until they've done all that pertain to them .... 2) all chores should be done each week, 3) nobody should have to do the same type of chore (or worse, the same chore) twice in a row.... the script gets into deadlocks and lot and has to backtrace. interesting to write. glad it's done.

blythe and I are watching southpark.