January 2nd, 2001


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crappy mood.
school tomorrow.
don't care about that. this quarter will be easy.
not sure what's bugging me.

i keep cleaning.
i've cleaned so many things today.
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thing i want to do:

* learn DocBook
* learn Python
* finish LJ to-do list feature
* finish LJ tag cleaning, image hiding, friendly wrapping, and inline security filtering features (one project)
* get LED lights from REI to spin (but REI was closed today)

what i'm really doing:

* continuing to clean my room, downstairs, bathroom, and my computers.
* being bored


meeting blythe for lunch....

we have music class together this quarter on tuesdays and thursdays, with an hour break before. :-)


classes were okay, i guess.

hung out with sarah for an hour between her classes. she helped me learn my camera.

went to the bank to deposit rent money. long line. got frustrated.

went and bought a tripod for my camera ... thanks, kailani! (she got me a discount.)

got books for classes.

kinda angry cause I can't get in touch with evan and he's said for the past two days he'd help me work on the servers today.... i know it's not his job, but i just like to complain and i don't want to do it all myself...

but I am..... I just built linux 2.4.0-prerelease on my home system. this is mainly for practice so I don't mess up the server too bad, but it's also so I can use my camera with gphoto2 ... the linux 2.2 USB backport isn't complete... the driver for my camera requires 2.4's USB code.


time to reboot... time to see if I fucked everything up.

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last two hours i've been working on getting my nikon coolpix 880 working under linux 2.4 w/ gphoto2 .... nobody's written a driver yet, so I'm modifying the 990 driver to work with the 880 .... the USB vendor ID is the same... I found out that the device ID is just one above the 990 ... 0x0103 where the 990 is 0x0102 ...

it's getting a lot farther than it did 2 hours ago.... it can now talk to the camera and list the directories (though garbled) ... but i remember somebody on a mailing list talking about the same problem ... think i still have to apply a patch. the gphoto2 sources aren't that well maintained it seems.... patches on the mailing list from months ago still haven't been committed to the tree. sad.

nikon 880 on linux!


My camera now works under Linux!!!!

i need to mail a patch to the gphoto2 mailing list or something... like they'd ever apply it anyway. *sigh*
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