January 3rd, 2001


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I don't want to go to class today.
I want to stay inside my warm little room and play with my camera and Linux.
At least I only have two classes today, right in a row.

damn i'm stupid

today in physics lecture somebody asked a question about this week's lab... the professor said yes, there is lab this week... you should go to it. i then asked, "What about people with Monday lab? Where can we go to make this up?" (because there was no class Monday) ... he replied that, "There are no Monday labs... do you have one?" I laughed and replied, "Well, I guess not...", to which the whole class chuckled.

yeah, real funny.

turns out my lab is actually on Tuesday, which means I skipped it yesterday. greeeeaatt.

Which means they'll probably try to drop me from the class because attendance the first week is mandatory ... if you're not there they boot you and place people in there that are trying to overload.

I mailed a bunch of people to try and get things straightened out. What a hassle.

(no subject)

ran errands with kenji.
-- got lab manual for physics (making up lab tonight at 6:30)
-- got food
-- went to hardware store
nap time.