January 4th, 2001



installing/re-learning freebsd on the servers. i'm about to see if it supports all my hardware.

things i hate lately:

-- LJ being slow
-- people being unreliable
-- Virtualis' unreliable network
-- Windows 2000 being unreliable
-- these poweredge servers' BIOSes taking ages to boot

freebsd boot disk's doing its thing. i'll keep ya updated, cause I know 3 of you care.

freebsd status

so far so good ... it recognized everything, let me setup my network card, and is now fetching everything over FTP.

i was impressed: it asked me if I wanted to use IPv6 ... I would've, but I have no clue what IP address I'd use, and our Cisco wouldn't NAT it ... I could've done 6over4, if FBSD supported it, but I have no clue how that all works either.

56% done extracting bin into /

I hope this isn't one of the scrollbars that goes from 0 to 100% an unknown number of times.... might as well have files flying between two folders if the scrollbar progresses more than once. all you care is that it's doing something. 63% doesn't mean crap, then. we'll see. 64% now.

stupid progress bars

the freebsd installer progress bars are stupid, as expected.... it keeps going to 100% and then loading something else.

i want one for overall progress and one for the current task, like helix-update's installer... and a half-dozen other smart installers i've seen.

and fucking uswest's and/or virtualis' network is being dumb. i'm angry.


turned off kenny (damn the servers are loud!) and now all I hear is tranquility

tomorrow's agenda:
* class at 12:30
* lunch with blythe at 1:30
* class at 2:30
* meet evan at 3:20 on steps between music/art in the quad
* walk home; drive to speakeasy
* come home ... evan finish setting up servers