January 5th, 2001


damn it's late

how did it get to be 2:40 already? i was just eating pizza what seemed like a few minutes ago... at 8:00.

anyway, i'm taking a break because windows locked up (like it always does) and I had to reboot it. it's working on rebooting now....

good news! i've got the new livejournal.com servers almost fully setup... i've been reading people's journals off of them instead of using the real www.livejournal.com ... quite fun. and very damn fast. i'm still using the live database, so it's still a little slow ... once i get db replication goin' on, then it's really gonna rock.

i need to sleep. classes tomorrow. ;-/


i was so tired this morning ... and all day i've been having trouble staying balanced.... i think i need to take a nap.

but working on the new servers is so much fun! check out these pictures. what a nice clean room, huh? :-)


blythe's cleaning my room right now (pics) and she found a thing of moisturizers in one of my junk bins that expired in April 1991. no, i'm not a pack rat! ;-)

damnit -- now she's looking at old pictures of me she found. she needs to get back on task if she expects me to do all her laundry (we traded chores... heh)

camera batteries!

my rechargable camera batteries showed up! that means I no have everything I need to use my new camera now ... camera, carrying case, tripod, batteries, ac adapator, 2.4 kernel w/ USB support, hacked gphoto2 drivers... after these things are charged i'm going to go on a shooting spree. :-)