January 8th, 2001



bed time.
big day tomorrow:
--- two classes, 10:30 and 11:30
--- bring new LJ servers to speakeasy, 3:00
--- work on LJ: next 96 hours straight (+/- 24 hours)

it's about time.

servers are ready to get installed.

i thought evan would be here already ... where is he?

stupid rain --- have to wrap servers in blankets or something while I bring them to the car.


went running with eli and kenji .... eli has a plan to do n laps 3 times a week for 10 weeks, with each week n increasing by one. here's his plan. i'm running with him, but not doing the other stuff (although I probably should)

I suck at school.

I need to get my school-related life organized.

I've already missed the first two Physics pretests. I need to find a way to organize my to-do list effectively.

I think my next project for LiveJournal is going to be completing the to-do list feature... I finished designing it. Now it's just a Simple Matter of Programming.

But for now, I have three homework assignments due tomorrow.... gotta get workin'.