January 9th, 2001


stupid class.

I lost my geography book, preventing me from reading pages 7-9, from which I'm supposed to write 5 deep thought-provoking discussion questions for class (stupid 100 level classes).

So, I cleaned my room (part of it, anyway), and found my book under a towel.

I didn't finish my physics (which is due first), but maybe I'll do it tomorrow before class. Maybe I'll turn it in incomplete (most likely). Goddamnit ... this quarter is starting off really bad already.

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off to classes.
tuesdays suck this quarter: 6 hours of class instead of 2 on other days.
i'm hungry too --- no food and no cash, though.
need to find an atm, then get coffee and a scone.

stupid CS people

I have a 2 hour break, so I'm working on LJ in one of the CS labs. All was quiet until this one dumb bitch I hate walked in .... she talks so loud on purpose so people will hear and in this super high pitch voice that just makes you want to smack her. And then she "brags" about her programs and computer knowledge. In fact, that's about like half the people in this department --- problem is that they're all mostly dumb. The half dozen people that I respect in this department that know their stuff are the silent ones.

The worst are the guys in here that start snort-laughing at themselves before they even complete what they're saying, which rarely turns out being funny.

I'm glad I don't have any CS classes this quarter. I'd go insane.


blythe and I are so hungry --- I had to check mail, but now we're going to stand in line at subway for an hour. damn I hate UW food lines .... we could walk off campus and go to the same restaurants and get great service and food quickly, but no --- everybody stays here and waits in line. so pathetic.

Over? No.

My long day is over, or is it? 6 hours of classes are done, but now I have to do a bunch of homework, while listening to a bunch of girls outside of my door shreaking and giggling while playing Nintendo. (why oh why did I buy that crappy TV from my brother?)

Kenji --- note: our house next year will have bedrooms and party rooms on separate floors. Music in bedrooms must be listened to on headphones (that's how music should be listened to anyway.)

Does it seem like I'm always complaining?


Since I bitch so much in my journal, it's only fair that I write when I'm happy from time to time....

Happy subject, mood, and user picture --- that's happy!

  • LiveJournal network is faster now (details)
  • Blythe is on my lap in my flannel Pooh pants (so comfy on me, but even comfier on her on me)
  • Physics homework is done
  • Hell Tuesday is done
  • Whitaker gave me a bunch of Reel Big Fish music, and music with brass instruments rules.
Now --- go get food or let Blythe continue licking my ear?
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