January 10th, 2001



I should've opted for food earlier, instead of ear licking.

Erik's going to accompany me to Dick's, since it's cold and scary outside and I don't want to go by myself. (really I just get bored standing in line at Dick's by myself)

I wanted to program tonight and get some new fun LJ stuff done, but some things on the server are preventing me from typing how I want to. I need to figure it out. Hopefully some LJ geek will figure out what's messed up.

But for now, food!


* got food with erik
* dormando helped me fix my screen problem

class at 10:30 tomorrow -- what to do now? sleep, or program? i'm pretty tired, but I also want to program. hmmm... the eternal debate.

normally I'd take programming, but I think I'm leaning towards sleep tonight ... my bed is calling out for me. and my flannel pooh pants that I got for xmas, lost, and found while cleaning my room the other day. flannel pants rule.


off to class

i was going to skip geography since it's so pathetically stupid, but instead I'll go and do my pathetically stupid music homework assignment during geography lecture.

only two classes today, back to back. then back here to program!


Done with my two classes.
In geography I did music homework, as planned.
In physics I did some LJ stuff, on paper.
Classes went quicker than normal, since I kept busy.
I want to start programming now, but I have an inbox to clean.


Went to see the movie "Traffic" with Patrick, Blythe, Kenji, Scott, and Chuck. (probably forgetting somebody). It was pretty damn cool.

I'm angry now for some reason. I think because I'm hungry, and people keep bugging me. I went to Safeway and bought $50 worth of groceries... a record for me, perhaps. Usually I buy one or two items, they last two days, and then I starve for two weeks. Oh no, not this time... I went in there starving (which you're not supposed to do), and I actually ended up buying a lot of food, and healthy food too (for the most part).

Going over to Blythe's house now for dinner ... she's been doing this cook-everybody-dinner thing lately. Her sister's there, and Kenji and Amy. I'm probably late. But I'm bringing salad!


went over to blythe's and ate. they made sushi. i hate sushi. it smells like ass.
i ate salad (part of my grocery run), and chicken.

after dinner we watched Temptation Island ... pretty amusing, in that it was so cheesy.

lately i haven't been really eating regularly... i wait until I'm starving, then start thinking about food, realize I don't have any food, don't know how to cook, and am sick of eating out, so I still don't eat. then, when the opportunity arrives to get food, I eat too quick and my stomach hurts. then, i wait until I'm starving again. i'm going to learn to cook, oh yes.

i told blythe, kenji, and amy that next week i'm cooking for them. i have the menu all planned out, now I just have to learn how to make it.

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eli and kenji are going running. i really don't want to go since I'm just finally getting a chance to sit down and program for the day, but i have to stick to it if I'm going to get in shape again.

so we're off.