January 11th, 2001


off to class

we were told the first week of geography that normally we don't have class on thursdays, despite what the official schedule says... but today we do: I have to go in and "meet" my TA. pretty lame. so that'll take like 15 minutes, then I'm free for an hour and a half before music class.

today's projects.

class was extremely boring today. two girls to my left were talking the whole time. I wanted to punch them and break their jaws. i refrained.

now i'm learning all there is to know about time zones and how libc handles them. my goal is to write a perl module that handles time zones wonderfully, because all the existing ones out there suck (I checked).

livejournal really needs timezone support finally, especially the new to-do list feature, so i figure it's time I do it correctly.

my other goal for the day is to learn some more vi ... i'm trying to wean myself from emacs


Today's been weird ... there are over a dozen projects I want to be working on right now. I can't stay focused. I keep switching between them and not getting anything substantial done in any one project.

Mark mailed me though and gave me some direction. When Mark mails me I feel like I'm on a mission and have to race to finish it... psychs me up. :-)
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