January 12th, 2001



Now that I've talked about going to bed an hour ago, now I can actually go to bed.

I have to be up at 9 am for a stupid phone meeting.

day in review

went to class.
got a scone.
went to another class.
check voicemail.
evan: "LJ's dead."
evan: "I fixed LJ."
came home, worked on LJ for 6 hours... much improved.
blythe's over now, reading, chilling.
tonight plans:
-- order pizza.
-- clean room.
-- bring songx0r down to my room and install freebsd on it, mirror livejournal,and use it for development (instead of using the live server all the time... heh. shutup. ;-P)
weekend plans is to be mostly hermit and program, except for:
-- party at lindsay's house sat. night
-- see AntiTrust ... anybody else want to go?