January 13th, 2001



back from running (back awhile ago, actually).

learning vi, using some handle quick references. i absolutely love how you can proceed a command with a number to do it multiple times. as far as I know, emacs can't do that so easily. and I love how intuitive the editing commands are... 0 for beginning, $ for end of line (which makes sense if you know regular expressions), and then d0 and d$ delete to beginning of line and end of line... so damn cool.

talking to dystopia now, and cleaning my inbox, and working on LJ.
Trippy, tired, Tired


I wasted most the evening on IRC talking to dystopia ... I got a few minor things done on the site... mainly setting up my local development server.

I'm so tired now I'm getting dizzy.

Time to sleep
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10 hours of sleep. My body is now confused.

And in 10 hours I got 128 new emails, yay! (that's excluding messages from mailing lists, btw....)

inbox cleanin'

Glad I'm not the only one cleaning my inbox ... I'm down from 160/128 total/unread this morning to 34 total now.

Kenji offered to make me spaghetti so I got all excited, but then I realized Anil was eating it too... that means it's vegetarian spaghetti, thus suspect. So, I checked it out ---- it's not spaghetti ... it's noodles and vegetables: big chunks of broccoli, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and things I don't even recognize. No thanks ---- I'll make grilled cheese for the third day in a row.

yay for crappy 3rd party binary kernel modules

windows had been up too long... my video driver locked up again. I can still hear my mp3s playing, and ping the machine... I just can't move the mouse.

if windows was cool I could telnet in and restart the processes responsible for the display .... oh, but no!

anyway, time to reboot it and go see if updated drivers are available. i swear I'm about ready to run it in 16 color mode in 640x480 ... there's a good use of a 19" monitor.


-- drive people to lindsay's, with all our alcohol in my trunk
-- drive back
-- drink
-- bike to lindsay's
-- drink
-- drink
-- drink
-- drink
-- drink
-- come home sometime