January 14th, 2001



party kicked ass --- lindsay, thanks!

afterwards kenji, blythe, amy, kelsey and I came home. kelsey then took off... i was supposed to not say something about kelsey in my journal, but I forgot what.... damnit. or maybe it was about amy. in any case, i forgot... and that sucks.

yeah, so got home and played mario kart in erik's room. then erik and blythe wanted me to make grilled cheese sandwiches ... so I did, because i'm the masta chef...

getting a little more sober now, or getting used to be drunk.... not sure.

time for bed.

evan's going to come hack with me tomororw, if he feels like it. :-)

Last night

* got up in the middle of the night and puked many times. I felt so good after that, and slept deeper than I have in a long time. I always feel really good the morning after drinking a lot.

* in my sleep I knocked my phone off my bedstand. this by itself isn't that interesting, since I do it all the time, but this time it landed on one of the speed dial numbers that my mom had set (I stole the phone from home after mine broke) .... well, the number happened to be 911. Immediately after I dropped the phone I reached down and unplugged it so I didn't have to worry about hanging it up. Well, they then called back and woke up Scott. I feel really bad about it all .... I've since cleared all the speed dial entries.

Eli and I are going to Greenlake to get tacos now.

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Evan, on describing the advantages of XFree86 4 over 3:
    "You know the Windows method, where stuff just works? Yeah. They chose that method."


Eli, Evan, and I went and got Mexican food.
Evan and I worked on LiveJournal.
Evan left.
What to do now?
Clean my room? Eat?

Oh, and for the record: I do not have genital herpes. My dumb-ass friend Scott posted something in one of my journal entries awhile back about me using some medicine that's used to treat herpes. I had no clue what the medicine was, or what he was talking about so I just ignored him, as I try to do, since I never know what the fuck he's talking about (when he does actually talk). Anyway, I'm talking to my parents just earlier and my mom's like, "So when were you going to tell us you have genital herpes?" Goddamnit, Scott. I bet you have genital herpes ... how else would you know the name of the medicine, huh?
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