January 15th, 2001



I hate so many people. I wish I could make a list, tell them off, and never have to deal with them again. Ah, but I cannot, so I continue to tolerate everybody and continue to get stressed out.

Perhaps hate is too strong of a word. Most of the people I "hate" are really just people that piss me off and are really annoying to have to deal with.

In any case, I'm getting really annoyed lately. And worst, I take it out on the people that actually don't annoy me. If I knew it'd make a difference I'd confont the people that are annoying me, but it won't change anything ... all it will do is introduce conflict.

Fuck it. Can't win.

My dirty-ass house is one of the things annoying me, but that isn't even the result of one person ... it's 5 or 6 really sloppy, disrespectful people. However, I don't want to leave my house because I'm sick of paying for food and movies (and nobody usually has better plans) and I feel like I should be getting stuff done when I'm not home. But when I stay home I just get frustrated with noise and people and email.

I want my own house and/or I need to get out and do interesting things with interesting people.

Trippy, tired, Tired

all is silent

megan, all her friends, and the laundry machine seem to have all shut up at once. (even though I find the sound of the laundry machine relaxing ... it's simply repetitive and covers other sounds)

i think this is a sign that i should sleep.


I got 11 hours of sleep.
Feelin' pretty good.
I'm not too excited about going to class tomorrow, though.
I cleaned my room yesterday ... so nice in here now.
Plan to alternate between LJ and homework today.


going running with kenji and eli shortly.
every monday we're increasing the length of the run... today is 3 laps... hitting the hill 3 times.
should be fun.


It feels like it's 2 am, but it's not even 9.
The last few days have been so busy with LJ that I'm just getting worn down.
I'm not complaining, though --- it's exciting.

Tomorrow is my hell day, and tonight is my hell homework night.
I did my music homework and physics pretest.
Things remaining:
-- physics tutorial homework
-- geography questions
-- physics lecture homework

I need to finish the LJ to-do list feature ... it's so close to completion, but more important things keep creeping up.

Time to do homework. bleh.