January 17th, 2001

Trippy, tired, Tired


the bed has been calling my name for 2 days.
here I come!

i'll wake up early and be productive or something .... sure.

so much sleep

after my monday night + tuesday hell, i finally got a ton of sleep. 9 hours? not sure. damn I feel better than I did waking up yesterday, though.

my first class is starting in 3 minutes, but I'm skipping it because it's 100-level, which means lecture is just reiterating what you were supposed to read in the book, and reading is essentially required in the class, since we have to turn in discussion questions from the readings. in other words, lecture is never required.

so, I have an hour until my next and only class today.


The Mozilla engineers are absolutely wonderful, but I could kill each one of the Netscape managers and not feel guilty.

This is a trivial example, but this happens a hundred times each week.


    nsIFile::MoveTo is supposed to rename the file in place is the newParentDir param is NULL. On the Mac implementation, it crashes instead.
    What visible feature of Netscape does this break? Is this nsbeta3+?
Basically what the manager is saying is, "Why are you spending your time working on this? You should be working on things that are noticeable." I find that totally bullshit. If you API doesn't even work as documented, how are you supposed to build a quality product? Let the damn programmers do what's actually important.

oil change

my car is long, long overdue for an oil change.
kenji's car needs one too, so we're off.....
no oil can henry's around here.... sad.

cookin' time

I setup project doppelganger.. check it out.

now, though, it's cookin' time .... I will be preparing reb-robin-style oriental chicken salad for blythe, kenji, amy, anil, myself and maybe another person if we could find somebody.

Screw Cooking.

So, I did my cooking thing tonight for everybody. The meal was frickin' great --- it was just like I was at Red Robin.

But, I won't be doing it again for quite some time.

The shopping, cooking, and especially the clean-up all took way too damn long. I was starting to get really frustrated by the end, but I held it in.

I think the evolution of mankind is to purchase your food. I consider my free time more valuable than the two dollars I saved by cooking it myself.